How to wow your wedding guests !! | Complete Guide 2023

How to wow your wedding guests !! | Complete Guide 2023


In the last 10 years, we have seen everything from the choreographed bride/groom dance routines to the happy couple being airdropped into the venue. Well luckily even in this digital age there are still things that you can do, on a more modest budget to impress your patrons. In this guide, we will look at our top 5 ways in 2023 of how to wow your wedding guests!


Wedding Guest Book

A firm favourite to wow your guests is a unique and stylish wedding book. From a guest's perspective, it's one of the first things you would encounter when entering the venue. A wedding book's purpose is to preserve memories, not only does it allow the bride and groom to relive the occasion with family and friends, but it also helps relatives who could not make it feel as if they did.

Traditional displayed on a table as guests enter the venue,  your wedding guest book must be a focal point of the event.

Let the Guest’s DJ

Let guest DJ at wedding

Wedding singers and bands tend to stick to one or maybe two genres of music, this can sometimes result in many weddings having a very similar musical theme. One of the best ways to engage your guests in the event is to take song requests, this will not only get your guests interacting with the event, but you will invariably get a much more diverse selection of music.

Spruce up your Party Favours

 Personalised wedding favours

Party Favours are a firm tradition for weddings, especially among your younger guests. Why not excite your guests by leaving a table with favours on? You can then notify your guests of the table, using some exciting signary.

On theme place settings

Wedding place settings

Another way to make your day memorable is to think outside the box regarding your place settings. Since the commencement of 2023, we have already seen some fantastic examples of this, from old antique marble slabs as plates for an Italian-themed wedding to large palm leaves acting as serving platters at a Caribbean wedding.

No matter what theme you opt for, there are many creative options available -the meal is one of the biggest parts of a wedding and guests are often blown away with an inventive place setting.

Map it out

Treasure hunt at wedding

If you having either a destination wedding or are hosting at a larger venue, then a nice amenity is to have a customised site map dotted around the venue. Not only is it functional but also adds a unique touch of glass to the event.

In one wedding at the start of the year, we saw this idea expanded on by adding a kid's play area to the map with clues of how to arrive there. This was the perfect addition to a wedding where many guests were accompanied by their children.

Go Neon 

Neon Wedding

Another big wedding trend in 2023 is the addition of personalised neon lights. These can be used in a multitude of ways from directing guests to certain areas or highlighting specific amenities such as bars or gift tables. For a relatively low cost you can add a real flare to your event.

Make everyone a photographer 

Let everyone a photographer at wedding

One of our all-time favourite wedding ideas, is to leave a disposable camera on each table. This allows guests to capture moments at their table that the photographer may well miss. By leaving them with the option to take photos on a disposable camera, you can develop the photos at a later date and get a unique insight into how each guest experienced the event.

VIP Wedding Boxes 

Wedding Keepsake Memory Gift Box

If you have guests coming from out of town, or even if there not, but staying in a hotel for the event, then a great way to make them feel comfortable is to leave a welcome wedding box on their beds (you can ask the hotel to place them in the room). A wedding box can consist of anything you feel is important, but some of the most popular options are a local map with your favourite restaurants, a bottle of your guest’s preferred tipple, a thank you for attending note and a list of potential local attractions.

Photo Booth 

wedding photo booth

At one point this was the top trend for weddings, although it’s started to decrease in popularity a photo booth is still a great addition to any wedding. Weddings are all about family, friends and fun and a photo booth that records moments your guests decided to capture is a wonderful way to relive the most magical day of your lives.

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